Marketing & Growth →

Acquire Grow & Retain Subscribers

Referrals →
Empower word of mouth

Make use of word of mouth marketing and let your customers speak for you via e-mails or social sharing. Our platform offers a  built-in refer-a-friend tool eliminating the need of a third-party tool. Simply enable it and set the rewards. Grow your subscriber base with dual-incentive campaigns.

Discounts →
Acquire new subscribers and retain

Offer discounts on a subscription plan to your potential customers to incentivize them to subscribe and purchase your products. You have full control and flexibility on discounts, use a percentage based, fixed amounts based, or varying subscription settings.

Coupons →
Campaign management

Drive conversions with coupon codes. Whether you need a single code for just one customer or bulk codes for many you can set up your own promotions with coupons and apply custom discounts, and limitations. The best part is you can create coupons that apply discounts on recurring payments, for example, you can create a coupon that gives %30 off at each third order so you give your subscribers a good reason to retain and you can maximize lifetime value.  

Tracking codes →
Measure your marketing efforts

Get Insight into your marketing efforts, overall traffic, conversion rates, subscriber acquisition costs, and many more.  Easily add your own tracking codes and scripts.

Churn management →
Reduce churn

Grow your business by keeping customers longer. Our platform helps you to reduce churn with automation, You will get actinoble churn Insights, and learn cancellation reasons.

Branded e-mail notifications →
Talk to your customers in the way you are gives you the freedom to customize automated system notifications on your brand and choose your own words. Every brand has a different way to speak with customers, use yours.

Gift subscriptions →
Get more with the gifts

Leverage gift subscriptions to grow your subscriber base and lower your customer acquisition costs.