Subscription management →

All features to customize your need

Plan management →
Create as Many Plans as You Need

Unleash new revenue possibilities by creating an unlimited number of subscription plans. Offer plans with a variety of billing models and different billing frequencies. Give your subscribers the flexibility to purchase single or multiple subscription plans and combine them with one-time products or services.

You can simply create weekly, monthly, quarterly subscription plans. You can create pre-paid subscription plans with discounts.

Skip or pause →
Skip or pause a subscription

Give control to subscribers to optionally set delivery options to prevent them from canceling. Before cancelation of any plan, the system offers a skip or a pause option to prevent churn. Paused subscriptons may be re-activated at any time.

Notifications →
Automated Subscriber Notifications

Our product automatically notifies subscribers via system-generated emails on many events like renewal, failed payment, due dates, and more. Automating communications ensures that your subscribers get the information they need to understand charges and changes related to their subscriptions. 

Up-selling →
Flexibility to Upsell Products and Services

Bring in additional revenue by upselling one-time or recurring products and services with your subscription plans. Let your subscribers customize product offerings with product add-ons when subscribing.

Subscriber management →
Not transactional, relatonship managment

Subscription management requires a totally different CRM approach. Conventional commerce platforms put transactional in the center, our platform puts subscriber in the center and tracks subscriptions metrics such as Life Time Value of a subscriber, churn rates.