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Startsub Subscription Platform Features

All the features you need to start and grow your subscription business are in Startsub. 

Subscription Management

Traditional e-commerce platforms center one-time orders and Startsub subscribers. Easily define and manage subscription products and plans in your reseller panel. 
Your subscribers can manage their subscriptions and orders from their own accounts. Give them the freedom to delay, pause, cancel their subscriptions and get additional products and plans. 

Built-in Sales Pages

It's easy to prepare your built-in product sales pages. You don't need any integration. Link to your subscription pages on Startsub from your own website, and your subscribers will have an uninterrupted experience with special page designs with your company logo. Gather their preferences with tools such as text, surveys, mandatory selections that you will add to your sales pages, and get valuable information to provide the best service. 

Failed Payment Attempts

If you cannot receive automatic payments from your subscribers due to insufficient limit, Startsub's smart repayment attempts will be activated. All the tools to minimize your subscriber loss are at your service. In addition, you will learn the reasons for the cancellation of your subscribers and you will have the chance to improve your business with insights.

Awards and Campaigns

Offer discounts on your subscription plan to convert your potential customers into subscribers. You have full control and flexibility over discounts, you can use percentage based, fixed amounts or varying subscription settings. Use single-link campaign application, friend invitation features to expand your subscriber base. 

Advanced Reports

Get a deep insight into the status of your business with subscription reports and advanced filters. Let us manage your business with metrics specific to the subscription world such as subscriber life and subscriber loss alert. Export all your data to Excel.  

Automatic Notifications

Automatic and customizable seller and subscriber email notifications. Choose which notifications to send, such as new subscription, shipping on the way, failed payment, credit card error, successful return, price change. 

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